Aroma 充電式結他調音器 AT-102 Rechargeable Guitar Tuner


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  1. Mini clip tuner for quick installation.
  2. Ease of use, intuitive colorful screen display.
  3. Used for Chromatic Guitar Bass Ukulele Violin.
  4. 360 degree rotation to get the best viewing angle.


  1. Detection Range: A0(27.5Hz)-C8(4186.00Hz)
  2. Tuning Mode: Clipping on instrument by picking up vibration only.
  3. Pitch Range: 430Hz-450Hz
  4. Tuning Accuracy: 0.5 cent
  5. Power Supply: Built-in battery, 3.7V/110mAh
  6. Dimension: 34x31x79mm
  7. Weight: 22g



白, 紅, 藍